1. Skin Peels

We are now using 'compositum cold-linked gel'. The Medical Cosmetic treatment for skin care rejuvenation.

There is a complete personalised range for each patients' individual needs:
PLUS: Acne scarring and advanced sun damage
ACNE: Active acne and imperfections
MACULA: Age marks, pigmentation and melasma
BASE: Skin refreshment and brightness
GLYCOLIC: Oily blocked skin. Deep cleansing treatment

All of these treatments are received after full consultation with the nurse, which is free of charge.

Compositum Cold-Linked Gel is a medical-cosmetic treatment which should only be performed by a trained expert. Due to the various exclusive gel formulas, the treatment works in a selective, specific manner, depending on the varying problems that the skin may have.

This gel has been created to reduce or remove the signs of aging, improving such skin conditions as:

  • thickening of the outer layer of skin, or skin marks
  • to improve the skin texture
  • reducing dilated pores


2. Skin blemishes such as
  • Skin tags
  • Brown Patches
  • Whiteheads

Are all treated after consultation with our nurses.


3. Skin care products available to purchase

(a) Environ
The cosmetic manufacturing company, Environ Skin Care cc. Was founded by Dr Fernandes, a prominent Cape Town plastic surgeon, in 1990 and consists of a full skin range.

A range of light non-greasy cosmeceutical products which contain Vitamin A with Betacarotene, vitamin C and E and SPF4, to improve and maintain a healthy younger looking skin.

Available at Katherine Corbett Clinics.

(b) Katherine Corbett Therapeutic Skin Care
40 years of proven skin-care solutions offer open pore lotions, cleansers and body oils which can prevent blackheads and blemishes for oily and combination skin.

(c) Phitologic - Compositum Skin Care Range
Prior- and After-Facial Peel. It consists of cleanser, toner, total sun protection, AHA creams and skin-restoring cream. Cellulite & Stretch Marks cream are also available from this range.

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