Leg Vein Aftercare -

Sclerotherapy is the recommended treatment and most patients have a pleasing and worthwhile improvement. The technique involves a series of minute injections of a sclerosant chemical which gradually causes the veins to fade. It may not be possible to eradicate very tiny veins, even in those with a good response to treatment. Although an improvement is to be expected, patients with poor circulation or reflux from underlying varicose veins will not respond as well.

Previously treated veins can recur or new veins appear, and further treatment may be needed periodically. Some people have a tendency to develop veins throughout their life.


  1. The small needle marks from the treatment will gradually fade over 1-2 weeks and fading of the veins may take up to 4 weeks
  2. No elastoplast or dressings should be applied
  3. No moisturisers, body lotions, bath essences or sun tan lotions should be applied for 2 weeks. Use soap and water initially
  4. Tinted antiseptic powder will help cover the needle marks and may be applied after a bath
  5. Avoid leg waxing, shaving and rubbing legs for 10 days
  6. No swimming in chlorinated pools for 1 week. Other exercise is not considered harmful and may be resumed 2 days after the treatment

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