Face Vein Aftercare -

Sclerotherapy is the recommended treatment and most patients have a pleasing and worthwhile improvement. The technique involves a series of minute injections of a sclerosant chemical, which gradually causes the vein to fade. It may not be possible to eradicate every vein, even in those with a good response to treatment. Very fine scattered veins do not respond well and we may alter the treatment to electrolysis.

Previously treated veins can recur or new veins appear, and further treatment may be needed. Some people have a tendency to develop veins all their life. Certain conditions e.g. Cigarette smoke or exposure to extreme weather may encourage more veins.


  1. Needle marks will disappear within 7 days
  2. No moisturisers or make up should be used until treated areas have healed, i.e. until needle marks have disappeared
  3. Tinted antiseptic powder may be used as desired
  4. Avoid rubbing the treated areas
  5. Do not apply elastoplast dressings on or near treated areas


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