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Can I get botulism poisoning from Btoxin injections?
No, it takes four to five thousand units of toxin to be harmful. During a treatment only 16 to 60 units are used on patients treated for wrinkle reduction.

2 Can I have filler, sclerotherapy or Btoxin injections even though I am pregnant?
These treatments are not advised for pregnant or lactating women.

3 How much will my treatment cost?
All consultations at Katherine Corbett Clinics are free. For an exact quote it is best to make an appointment for a free consultation so that the practitioner can explain the treatment in full and let you know which product you will need.

4 Will I be marked after my treatment?
All of the treatments that involve an injection will leave a slight needle mark for about 24 hours and very occasionally a faint bruise may be noticed. It depends on how sensitive your skin is – some people do not mark at all. We supply a special tinted antiseptic powder.

5 How long will my treatment last?
All of the fillers and Btoxin treatment can last up to a year on some patients, however a span of 3-6 months is to be expected. It is impossible to give an exact length of time as each patient is different and many factors such as metabolism, life style and age, all affect how long the result lasts.

6 Can I sunbathe after my treatment?
We suggest that patients use a sun block on the treated area after treatment. Patients who have had a filler should wait at least 48 hours before exposing the treated area to strong sunlight. We always suggest patients wear a sunscreen year round to stop sun damage to the skin.

7 Do I need an allergy test for Btoxin or Fillers?
No. There are a few groups of people who are not suitable for Btoxin treatments, particularly those that are pregnant or lactating or who have multiple sclerosis, patients taking aminoglycoside antibiotics or patients with a previous allergy to components. The doctor will discuss the treatment thoroughly with the patient beforehand so that they may have an opportunity to ask any questions regarding the product. Fillers based on hyaluronic acid are safe for patients and no known allergic reaction are recorded.

8 Will I experience any side effects from Btoxin?
Side effects are very rare after Btoxin treatments; however very occasionally side effects can include headache, respiratory infection, flu syndrome, temporary eyelid droop and nausea.

9 After my veins have been treated will they ever come back?
We cannot guarantee that new veins will not appear but these can also be treated if necessary. Sclerotherapy fades the treated veins but some people are prone to these veins throughout their lives. A family history of thread veins and a patient’s lifestyle all play a part in the development of new thread veins.

10 Will the treatment be painful?
Some patients do comment that they feel a slight discomfort during the sclerotherapy treatment. To help ensure patients are as comfortable as possible during this procedure a local anaesthetic spray can be used. If necessary, a local anaesthetic cream is offered to patients having filler treatments. This is applied thirty minutes beforehand.

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